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Operational Support:
Strategic Planning
Program Development
Collaboration Management

Administrative Support:
Event Management
Resource Management
Document Management
Project Coordination

HR and Talent Development:
Recruitment Support
Diversity Training
Employee Resource Group (ERG) Facilitation
Conflict Resolution
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Business Solutions
Diversity and Inclusion Communication Strategies:
Crafting effective D&I communication plans.

Ensuring your organization's message resonates with employees.

Fostering an environment of transparency and inclusivity.

Workplace Diversity Assessment:
Comprehensive evaluation of your current diversity landscape.

Identification of strengths and areas for improvement.

Actionable recommendations for a more inclusive workplace.
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consulting
DEI Content Creation/Writing:
I'll create tailored diversity, equity, and inclusion content for your specific needs
I can work on blog posts, social media content, reports, and more.

We'll work closely  to develop a  content strategy aligned with your goals.

NEW: In-depth research and writing on race-related topics for scholarly publications, articles, and blogs
Content Writing
Package 1:
1x Strategy Collaboration - Kick Off Meeting
Monthly 60min sessions
Email Support

Package 2:
Everything in package 1 PLUS:

Bi-weekly 60min sessions
Accountability Progress Tracking

Weekly Email with Growth Exercises and Personal Development Tools

Package 3:
Everything in Package 1 & 2 PLUS

Weekly 60min sessions

Call or Text Support
Priority Access to Scheduling and Resources

Resume Tailoring Service

LinkedIn Profile Enhancement
Military Spouse Career Coaching

About Me

I'm a versatile content writer, published author, consultant, and dedicated career coach. My passion lies in championing diversity and inclusion, a commitment that is bolstered by my certification in this field.

With every project I undertake, I weave the threads of ethics and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) seamlessly into the fabric of my work. This ensures that each piece of writing I craft and every piece of advice I offer is not only purposeful, but also ethical and all-encompassing. I'm here to help you navigate your journey with intention, integrity, and an unwavering dedication to making a positive impact.

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Don't worry you are in good company...


"We brought on Joelle as a content creator at the start of 2023 and she's been awesome to work with! As a startup, we have a lot going on, but Joelle has been able to handle everything we've thrown her way." - Dumebi Egbuna

'"Joelle has been amazing! So great at fostering community. She's fully taken on the role and done plenty of things without us even having to ask. I'd recommend her to anyone but I'm a little worried that means she wouldn't have time to work with us anymore" - Toby Egbuna

Dumebi & Toby Egbuna

Founders of Chezie

“Joelle helped us fine-tune the inclusivity language around a company announcement, and I'm so grateful for her expertise! With her feedback, we were able to confidently send our newsletters and share our social media posts while knowing that everything was worded in a way that was heartfelt, inclusive, and true to our brand. I'd definitely recommend Joelle's services!”

Hannah Lasorsa
Founder of Herbal Content Cottage

“Joelle is a pleasure to work with! She's super smart, creative in her problem solving, and an expert in her space. She made my teams life much easier and I'm already thinking about what else I can pull her into!”

Carrie Sawyer
CEO of Diversity by Design

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Diversity in Discourse: Challenging Linguistic Imperialism